The end of a Career


G-APIM after the accidentAn abrupt and untimely end to G-APIM's flying career came on 11th January 1988 when `India Mike' suffered major damage.

At Southend Airport a taxing Shorts 3.30 (G-BHWT of Guernsey Airlines) lost hydraulic power, leading to a brake and steering failure.

The shorts collided with the empty parked Viscount, destroying the left hand side of the nose and coming to rest with the Viscount lodged under the wing.

The Viscount was assessed as being 'beyond economical repair' it was stored and later donated many serviceable parts to other Viscounts in the B.A.F. fleet.

The errant Shorts 3.30 was not so lucky however and was transported to Biggin Hill, where it was subsequently scrapped.

Foot Note: In the aftermath of  '911' BAF (now renamed British World Airways), unhappily ceased trading.


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