About British Air Ferries

The company was founded in 1946 as Silver City Airways and was one of the longest surviving independent airlines in the UK. In 1962 it became British United Air Ferries, pioneering car-ferry services across the Channel. It operated predominately out of Southend Airport where its headquarters building was.

In 1967 it changed its name to the shortened version - British Air Ferries (BAF) and experienced tremendous popularity with the UK flying public In 1993 it became British World Airlines, and adopted the logo shown on the left (which caused some wits to christen it British Warthog Airlines).

Like many other aviation companies it was unable to survive the aftermath of the 11th of September and went into receivership at the end of 2001.

It must be recorded that with out the generosity and support of BAF the preservation of Viscount Stephen Piercey would not have been possible.


 A group shot of most of the friends in the mid nineties by Cliff Knox 
(Sadly a number of them have since flown away)

Some of the friends of Viscount Stephen Piercey in the mid nineties. Photo by Cliff Knox

VSP's Livery by Nick Webb  Nick Webb's beautiful drawing               

Wanted Items
A good picture of Capt Colin Towle
Pictures of VSP in earlier liveries
Any other VSP input

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