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Vickers Viscount Aircraft Stephen Piercey Photo by TOM SINGFIELD

Vickers Viscount Aircraft Stephen Piercey (Photo by Tom Singfield)


These pages have been produced and donated by Andy Lambert They are here for the friends of this fine aircraft, to use as they will. Any articles sent in, will be gratefully received and published.

Back in 1990 Brooklands Museum asked me to recover a Vickers Viscount named Stephen Piercey. When I agreed I had no idea how much this one job would come to mean to me, or prepare me for the wonderful people who I would soon meet and call my friends, as a result of the project.

Those people range from Stephens fantastic parents Ray and Patsy, through his incredible and diverse friends like Tom Singfield and Roger Hargreaves, their wives / partners.

It includes people who worked on the project like Mick Bates, Viscount Pilots like Jock Bryce and Colin Towle. Project leaders like Ron Brant and John Woodhouse. BAF personal like George Burton and Mike Sessions. Lastly my own team Alan, Brian, Ray, Tony and the girls Pat and Christine Lambert. There are many other who were also touched by this project and we all did our part.

What did we achieve? We saved and restored perhaps the best (and certainly the most connected with Brooklands) Viscount. We did it against the odds and with very little money. Most of all we did it with love and perhaps we did it for someone special, many of us never got to meet, but who meant so much to our new friends.

Andy Lambert
Summer 2009

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