G-AOYN's History 

A large number of the fund raising flights undertaken by the friends, were in IM's sister craft YN and over the years we all become attached to this old lady.

G-APIM Viscount Stephen Piercey on the ground



YN first flew at Weybridge on the 6th March 1958 some three months before IM and was named Sir Isaac Newton. For the next twenty years the aircraft would work for BEA, Cambrian Airways and finally BA.  In early 1981 the aircraft was purchased by BAF and was renamed Diana, a name it would keep until 1985. From 1985 until 1993 it would be Viscount Rotterdam then City of Dublin and finally Viscount Jersey.

Then on the 18th April 1993, it flew the friends of Viscount Stephen Piercey to Duxford, where at a special ceremony it was renamed The Spirit of Brooklands, by Stephen's dad - Ray Piercey.( a video of this event is available at www.andysvideo.com )

In late 1994 the aircraft was put on contract to Parcel Force International and repainted in their colours. At the same time if finally lost its famous registration, when it was re registered as G-OPAS.

Its final flight was just a few years later when it returned to Southend on the 21st June 1996. The following year it was sadly broken up and scarped, but fortunately the nose section was saved by the Duxford Aviation Society. It is now on Display at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum.


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